Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7trips' fees

finally i got the total fees of 7trips...

BBQ night ingredient....
crab RM10
sotong RM7.50
fish RM4
prawn RM24
banana leaf RM1
beef RM5.32
taiwan sausage RM15
curry powder RM1.50
Vodka RM55
soft drinks RM28
cha sao sauce X2 RM11.60
chicken wing per RM1.20 RM24
sweet potato RM42

petro RM64
petro kulai RM33.70
Melaka tol RM21.40
maggie mee RM10
charcoal RM10
mineral water + sweets RM10.20
Chalet RM200

lagacy hotel RM218.50
dinner RM98.40
satay RM9
A&W RM11.9
tol RM24.80 & 2.40

sum RM1147.59

3day 2night trips
each people RM165....

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