Wednesday, April 8, 2009

stupid eXX idoit

what you say is what we did...
then now u say u never say this is the topic...
how to spend your free time and how inti-uc students spend their free time...
any different there...
now I'm in inti-uc...
now I'm presented in inti-uc....
how u spend your free time of cause in inti-uc students lahh....
this what you told us when u distributed the research question by you mouth...
and is what u say want us to narrow down the question...
then now i put the big topic
and the sub-narrow topic
then u say got problem...
don't know which one is ours topic...
and say we not paying attention in the class...

u think when u are unhappy....
angry to someone then you can vent one's spleen to other ahhh...
what the X lahhh....


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